A yellow Renault car in the foreground leads multiple other Formula 1 cars in a rainy race
Former Renault driver Nico Hulkenberg driving in the rain during a wet 2019 German Grand Prix (Photo by XPB / James Moy Photography)
Engine manufacturer
Lewis Hamilton
Valtteri Bottas
Mercedes are the reigning World Constructors' Champions, meaning they are the team to beat in 2021. Having built a car which is fast in almost all areas of the track, other teams will be looking to knock them off their perch.
Carlos Sainz
Charles Leclerc
Historic Ferrari are the most successful Formula 1 constructor ever with 16 titles to their name. However, their last title came in 2008 and their passionate fans around the world are hoping to win that title again.
Red Bull
Max Verstappen
Sergio Pérez
Despite winning 4 World Constructors' Championships in a row between 2010 and 2013, Red Bull have not been able to repeat that same success and are up their with Ferrari as being the most credible threats to Mercedes dominance.
Fernando Alonso
Esteban Ocon
Alpine, formerly Renault, took a step-back in results last year, and with former champion Fernando Alonso returning to the team, they're looking to improve quickly.
Lando Norris
Daniel Ricciardo
The British constructor, who now rely on Mercedes for their engines will be building on the previous season where they out-matched expectations considerably.
Mick Schumacher
Nikita Mazepin
Based in the United States, Haas are the newest constructor to enter Formula 1 and came into this season with two rookies, a rare event.
Aston Martin
Sebastian Vettel
Lance Stroll
The former Racing Point team have been rebranded to Aston Martin and feature veteran Sebastian Vettel as one of their drivers this year.
George Russell
Nicolas Latifi
Despite being the second-most successful F1 team after Ferrari (with 9 titles to their name), they have been slipping backwards and are bringing up the rear of the pack nowadays.
Pierre Gasly
Yuki Tsunoda
AlphaTauri (formerly Toro Rosso) is the sister-team of Red Bull and is tradionally used to develop drivers before promoting them into the main team.
Alfa Romeo
Kimi Räikkönen
Antonio Giovinazzi
Formerly Sauber, the Alfa Romeo team use their close ties with Ferrari to help develop their drivers. Kimi Räikkönen, who was previously at Ferrari, is in his second season with the team.
The black Haas car waits in the pit lane in the rain


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